Our Focus


Squirrels is excellent value for money.
Our fees are kept as low as possible in order that:

  • We can make our services accessible to all members of the community.
  • Parents can benefit from the tax savings made with Child Care Vouchers and from Child Tax Credits.
  • Students studying at Hertford Regional College are subsidised enabling parents of students to create better life chances for their children.


We recognise the increasing need to be flexible to meet the needs of children and their families. We look carefully at how we can provide:

  • Flexible staffing – to cover the extended day and holiday times.
  • Flexible provision to suit family needs.
  • Flexible spaces for parents to talk to professionals, and access a range of different support networks.


At Squirrels we aim to create a warm, vibrant and welcoming community to provide support for children and their families. We aim to provide a nursery that is exciting and challenging, yet safe and secure. To develop an effective nursery we involve everyone in the learning community, which is inclusive for families, staff, children and other stakeholders. In this atmosphere every child is able to experiment, explore, create and take risks, which allows us to aim for excellence.

The Importance of Play

We regard each child as a unique learner. By understanding that each child learns in different ways we can appreciate everyone’s unique talents. At Squirrels we know the importance of providing first hand experiences, especially to develop motivational learners. Local talks, experiences and visits from parents and other adults help our children develop an understanding of how their community works. We consult children about their views and include their ideas as we develop the curriculum. Staff develop children’s interests and encourage collaboration. All our children are encouraged to access resources for themselves to promote independence and thinking skills. We see outdoor learning as being vital to all aspects of children’s development.