High Quality

Children’s experiences in the earliest years of their lives are critical to their subsequent development.

hqsHigh quality nursery education and childcare is a crucial step towards ensuring that children arrive at school ready to learn. Research has shown that in the process of caring for and educating your child, no time is too soon to begin. At Squirrels we are firmly committed to providing an environment for your child that is both caring and stimulating so they develop and achieve their full potential. When your child attends the nursery they will be allocated to a group according to their age.

  • Discoverers – 3 to 18 months
  • Explorers -18 months to 2½ years
  • Creators – 2½ to 3½ years
  • Inventors – 3½ to 5 years

The highly trained staff at Squirrels work in accordance with best practice guidelines found within the Early Years Foundation Stage. We believe:

  • Parents and families are central to the well-being of the child.
  • A relationship with a Key Person is essential to young children’s well being.
  • Caring adults count more than resources and equipment.
  • Schedules and routines must grow with the child’s needs.
  • Learning is a shared process and children learn most effectively when they are actively involved and interested.
  • Children learn when they are given appropriate responsibility, allowed to make errors, decisions and choices.
  • Children learn by doing rather than being told.
  • Young children are vulnerable. They learn to be independent by having someone they can depend on.