Garden and Outside Play

100_0341We are very proud of our outside nursery environments.  We know that for most children being outside is a very effective way of learning about the world.  Our nursery gardens are planned and resourced to a very high standard and the safety of children has been carefully considered. We aim to provide children with access to the garden throughout the nursery day by way of ‘free-flow’ play. This means that adults are deployed both inside and outside at all times, enabling the children to move in and out as they choose. During these periods we ensure that we maintain the correct ratio of adults to children. Our nurseries are carefully designed with ‘free flow’ play in mind as from each room there is level direct access into the garden.

Risk & Challenge

dragonflyAs your child gets more confident, able & agile it is important that we provide opportunities for children to manage risk safely. In order to do this we provide resources and equipment that challenges as well as being great fun. By providing opportunities for children to balance, climb, swing, run, and spin children can learn about challenge & safe risk taking. This supports your child’s understanding of their own capabilities and limitations therefore enabling them to become confident learners.


Our gardens are completely secure and safe from public access. Each day a full safety check is carried out by a designated person. There are designated enclosed spaces for our youngest babies and toddlers, where age appropriate toys and resources are available. Safety surfaces are provided in areas of the gardens where it has been identified as required, such as around climbing apparatus.


Equipment is carefully considered in our gardens. We aim to use resources made from natural materials such as wooden houses and willow huts. This gives children an enhanced understanding of the natural world and an appreciation for nature. Outside play is important in all weathers and we take every opportunity to be outside throughout the changing seasons. In order to support this we provide all weather clothing so the children can experience the diversity that the British weather brings. Other resources include: tricycles & bicycles, climbing apparatus, sand, water and muddy areas, role play areas, den making materials, large scale painting, drawing & mark making, large blocks, bats, balls & hoops alongside a vast range of movable open ended resources such as, tyres, milk crates and logs.