Behaviour Management

We have clear consistent strategies for behaviour management. We aim to teach children to resolve difficulties through verbal negotiation. Aggression to other children is not acceptable in the nurseries and all children must feel safe when they are here.

The nursery staff are specially trained in managing behaviour and employ expertise and knowledge to deal with any incidents and to help the children play and learn well together.  Sharing and taking turns is an acquired skill and a major part of nursery life.

Young children are usually very accepting of differences between people.  Bullying is therefore unusual. On the other hand social skills and clear communication are only just developing and children need to learn to solve problems verbally using appropriate language.

Unacceptable behaviour is dealt with immediately. Staff respond sensitively to unwanted behaviour appropriate to the child’s level of understanding.  We explain to the child why the behaviour is unacceptable and the reason for having to speak about the incident. In most cases we remove the child from the situation and encourage them to do something different. Corporal punishment or the threat of physical sanctions are never used and cannot be justified in any circumstance.


We take every care and precaution to ensure your child’s safety. The nurseries have CCTV and a biometric fingerprint access system. To ensure the nurseries are secure we ask that you do not let other adults into the building when you are leaving. Please leave this to a member of staff.

Car Park

Car parks and roads are always dangerous places. At certain times of day when parents are dropping off and collecting the area can become very busy. Special drop off bays in front of the nurseries are available for 5-10 minute stays.

Please drive carefully, park considerately and keep a hand on your child at all times.