On this page are a few questions we are regularly asked. Please click on a question below to see the answer. If you have a questions that you haven’t been able to find the answer to on our website, please do get in touch.

Can I purchase extra hours rather than a whole session?

Yes, fees are charge both by the session and by the hour. We aim to make our fees as affordable as possible by having flexible sessions that meet the needs of all our users.

How many sessions must I book per week?

Your child is required to attend for a minimum of two sessions per week spread over at least two days (to ensure they settle). However priority will be given to families requiring full time places.

What happens if my child is ill or we take a holiday?

Fees continue to be applicable for periods of absence. In cases of prolonged absence a retainer fee of 50% may apply, this is at the discretion of the nursery manager / director.

Do I pay if the nursery is closed?

Bank holidays and INSET training days are charged as a normal school day. During the four weeks that the nursery is closed no fees are charged.

What happens if I need to change my sessions?

Ideally, changes in sessions should be made at the beginning of a new term. Please give at least 4 weeks notice of changes required. If changes are required midway through a term, please contact the nursery office to see if your requirements can be accommodated.

Late Collections?

Please try and collect your children on time. A fee of £10 per 15 minutes is charged for late collections. This is to cover the costs of the two staff required to stay on site caring for your child.


Can I drop my child off to nursery before 8am?

No. We are registered by Ofsted from 8am until 6pm. We cannot allow children to be dropped off prior to 8am. Also our insurance is not valid before 8am.

Are all meals included in the fees?

Not all. Many children do have the cooked lunch but some prefer to bring a packed lunch. This is why we make a separate charge. A small charge is made for meals at breakfast and teatime. All other snacks and drinks are included in the fees.