Additional Needs & Disabilities

Some children need extra help and support in nursery.  This may be short term help to ease a child over a temporary learning difficulty or long term help where a child may have long standing special educational needs.

Parents, teaching staff or other professionals e.g. speech and language therapists may identify a child as needing extra help. When this happens the nursery will discuss these concerns with you.

The nurseries have policies and procedures for children who need help, these are drawn up in line with the Special Educational Needs Code of Practice and recognised best practice.

When a child has needs identified, whether short or long term, these are recorded.  A plan will be put in place together with the child’s parents to ensure we are meeting the child’s needs.

This plan sets out some targets or goals and how to achieve them. It is shared between home and nursery, and progress is jointly recorded. Your child’s progress is carefully monitored together with input from parents.

Most children will have an additional need at some time during their school life.  However, some children have long term special educational needs and may need to have a formal assessment of them. This is to ensure that they get all the help and support they need. We will always work with you to achieve what is best for your child.

When visiting the nursery if you would like to discuss your own child’s additional needs then please do chat with either Jo Kavakeb or Clare Beckham.