The following criteria will be applied when allocating places in the nursery:

  1. Full time places
  2. Families within the local community
  3. Referrals from other professionals
  4. Siblings of children currently attending
  5. Children of staff
  6. Parent returning to work, training or education
  7. Length of time on waiting list

Places will not be offered to any family with any outstanding unpaid fees.

Accident Procedure

Every injury, no matter how trivial, is logged. This is to clearly see how all injuries have occurred and the action taken. Parents are required to sign this log on collection of their child.

If a child becomes unwell during our care, the parent is contacted and notified of the condition. Parents should endeavour to collect their child as quickly as possible after notification.

In the case of a child being unwell and unable to attend nursery, we ask that you call the nursery and let us know.