Safeguarding Children

The school works in partnership with parents to support children in every way possible. Legislation places a clear responsibility on nurseries to ensure that they work together with others to safeguard and promote the welfare of all children. If concerns are raised within the nurseries, or a parent or child reports a situation involving possible mistreatment, we would not be able to guarantee confidentiality as other professionals deemed needing to know would be informed. This is in line with Government and Hertfordshire Safeguarding Children Board (HSCB) policy. The interests of the child are our main priority.

Part of our Safeguarding work aims to ensure that children are protected from extremism and radicalisation. We follow guidance from the Department of Education, The Prevent Duty advice June 2015; upholding the four requirements:- Risk Assessment, Working in Partnership, Staff Training and IT Policies.

Health and Hygiene

We work hard to teach children the first steps in looking after themselves. For example, washing hands after using the toilet, wearing a coat when it is cold, not staying in the sun too long and wiping noses properly.

We will always alert you to any incidence of something contagious such as chickenpox; likewise we would ask that you treat your child’s condition promptly and if appropriate keep them at home until they are better. We can advise you about symptoms to look out for or alternatively ask at your clinic or doctor’s surgery.